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Life Coaching

 a person whose job is to improve the quality of his or her client's life, by offering advice on professional and personal matters, such as career, health, personal relationships, etc. 

Managed Accounts

  is a fee-based investment management product for high-net-worth individuals. The main appeal for wealthy individuals is the access to professional money managers, a high degree of customization and greater tax efficiencies in a fee-based product.


 A traditional individual retirement account (IRA) allows individuals to direct pretax income towards investments that can grow tax-deferred; no capital gains or dividend income is taxed until it is withdrawn. 

Fixed Index Annuities

 A fixed-indexed annuit is a type of annuity that grows at the greater of a) an annual, guaranteed minimum rate of return; or b) the return from a specified stock market index (such as the S&P 500®), reduced by certain expenses and formulas. 


Notary Signing Agent

 A Mortgage Notary Signing Agent is a commissioned Notary Public who specializes in the process of obtaining and notarizing the signatures of the party(ies) involved on real estate loan documents for the purpose of closing a real estate loan transaction. 


There's the saying "There are 2 things certain in life...death and taxes.  Are you prepared for the first? Most think because they have insurace through their employers; they are "covered".  What if that job isn't here tomorrow? Or they say "I'll do it tomorrow"... what if tomorrow doesn't come?  Make sure you and your family are protected.  On of our agents will be more than happy to meet with you for a personal consulation.